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Religion provokes heartfelt commitment, eloquent expression, forthright action, and intense debate. The field of Religious Studies is devoted to the scholarly understanding and interpretation of the complex phenomenon we call religion, through study of history, texts, rituals, narrative, art, and media.  Our students engage in meaningful and rigorous intellectual development with faculty members committed to the above vision in large lectures, intimate seminars, and one-on-one tutorials.  Our faculty support our students through graduation and beyond to help them succeed in their professional lives.   

Religious Studies provides knowledge about the world’s religions and fosters the skills and habits necessary to participate responsibly in public discussions about diverse traditions and is inherently:

Interdisciplinary, bringing together textual studies, language studies, art, history, philosophy, anthropology, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, comparative literature and literary studies, cultural studies, gender and ethnic studies, legal studies, and other approaches.

Global, encompassing all societies, cultures, and geographic areas, and demanding—and cultivating—an ability to engage diverse practices and worldviews both sympathetically and critically.

Relevant, exploring phenomena that are central to contemporary world events and preparing individuals to be educated citizens of a pluralistic society and increasingly globalized world. 

Religious Studies is thus crucial to the mission of a twenty-first century university committed to innovative scholarship, global relevance, and the public good.

Thank you for considering supporting Religious Studies at CU.

For undergraduate students, your gift to the Religious Studies Department will support international travel through our global seminars, class outings, talks from outside speakers, and most importantly giving our students relevant professional experience.

For graduate students, your gift to the Religious Studies Department will support student fellowships for research, professional development, and conference participation both domestically and abroad. 

You can give directly to the Lester Lectureship Fund, the Department's annual event that brings original work addressing contemporary issues in Religious Studies to CU.  The Lectureship was established in recognition of the Department's founder, Robert Lester, and his contributions to the Department and the profession.

You can also support the Religious Studies Department through these Religious Studies-based projects:

Mediterranean Studies: Provides support for visiting scholars, academic and outreach events, donor cultivation, program development (including travel), and equipment for the Mediterranean Studies Group.

Tibet Himalaya Initiative: Supports activities and events on the CU Boulder campus that promote understanding of Tibet and the Himalaya.

For specific questions about supporting the Religious Studies Department, please contact Michelle Gaffga, Director of Development at the University of Colorado at