Deborah Whitehead
Department Chair • Associate Professor • Religious Studies Honors Representative
Religious Studies

Office: HUMN 274

Sabbatical, Fall 2023

Th.D., Harvard University 2006

Research Interests: 

religion, media, and culture; religion and popular culture; American religious history; American pragmatism, esp. the work of William James; gender and religion; modern philosophy and theology

Primary Teaching Areas and Opportunities for Student Supervision:

  • Religions in the U.S. and American religious history
  • Modern Christian thought and practice
  • American philosophy and theology
  • Religion, gender and sexuality
  • Religion, media and culture
  • Religion and popular culture
  • Religion and politics


  • RLST 2500 Religions in the U.S.
  • RLST 3000 Christian Traditions
  • RLST 4830 Senior Seminar for Religious Studies Majors
  • Seminar: Religion and Authenticity
  • Seminar: Religion, Media and Culture
  • Seminar: Christianity and Culture
  • Seminar: Pragmatism, Religion, and American Culture
  • Seminar: Gender and Religion
  • Seminar: Christianity and Democracy


Deborah Whitehead has been an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado since 2007.  More information on her teaching and research interests.