Published: May 10, 2024
Joshua Perez

The College of Arts and Sciences celebrates the wide range of graduating students who leave their mark on the college in truly unique ways. To recognize these outstanding students for 2024, the College of Arts and Sciences asked for nominations across campus. The Department of Religious Studies nominated Joshua Perez, who was nothing short of amazing throughout his time here.

When asked what he would carry with him into the next chapter of his life he responded:

"My time at CU was not an easy one, since I had to put myself through school by working not only through the summer, but also during the school semesters and striving through all the challenges that the world had put in front of me. 

Even though it was a difficult journey, the one thing that kept me going when challenges came my way and moments of doubt saturated my mind was curiosity that colored the world with interest and wonder. That is what I will always carry."

RLST faculty praised Joshua’s efforts as follows:

"Joshua is a double major in philosophy and religious studies. He is an amazing graduate because he is vociferously curious and intellectually daring. Not only does he stand out for his excellent participation in class discussions, but he often stayed after class and came to office hours to pose serious questions and even objections to the material. Despite having to work long hours to put himself through college, he has demonstrated a rare commitment to the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, going above and beyond the assigned reading to do his own research outside of class on challenging topics. His questions, comments and written work demonstrate a higher-than-average knowledge of issues and thinkers in both Western and Eastern philosophy and religious studies. It is outstanding to be an undergraduate student who can engage with such a broad range of philosophical issues at such a deep level. We know he has a very bright future ahead!"

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