Norielle Adricula (Ph.D. Candidate)

Ph.D. candidate in linguistics Norielle Adricula is researching the Tagalog language with students Tvishi Yendamuri and Juanita Hurtado.

Dr. Francisca Antman

Dr. Antman is working on a research project with students Esteban Urbino and Fiona Nugent.

Dr. Kathryn Arehart

Dr. Arehart is working with student Paige Clippert to research the use of soundscapes during the pandemic.

Dr. Christine Brennan

Dr. Brennan is working with student Lena Frank to research trans masculine singing voices.

Dr. Pam Buckley

Dr. Buckley is reseraching gang recidivism alongside Dr. Pyrooz and student Elizabeth Iverson.

Dr. Katie Combs

Dr. Combs is working with student Lore Stacey to research IBS prevention.

Dr. Svet Derderyan

Dr. Derderyan is working with student Haylie Schramm to research regional lending organizations.

Dr. Joseph Dupris

Dr. Dupris is researching language loss around the world with student Luke Stumpfl.

Dr. Kate Goldfarb

Dr. Goldfarb is working with student Emily Reynolds on researching the knowing of air quality experiences through Marshall fire oral histories.

Dr. Sarah Goodrum

Dr. Goodrum is researching local frameworks to prevent violence and terrorism with student Rylee Steen.

Dr. Kira Hall

Dr. Hall is working with student Robert Brown to research accents in autism and work on a Hindu poetry project.

Dr. Hannah Haynie

Dr. Haynie is researching indigenous languages of North America with students August Pomrenke and Carley Gaddis.

Dr. Karl Hill

Dr. Hill is working with students Jamesie Spencer, Jackson Kessel, and Na'Kia Napue on various projects in prevention sciences.

Dr. Joseph Jupille

Dr. Jupille is researching EU legislation with students Indi Wachtler, Cassie Parrisher, and Regan Mobley.

Komal Kaur (Ph.D. candidate)

Ph.D. candidate in political science Komal Kaur is working with students Nadin Almilaify and Elizabeth Cupp to research gender & caste based representation in India.

Dr. Celeste Montoya

Dr. Montoya is researching Latina political leadership in Colorado with students Giselle DeHaro and Ethan Shea.

Dr. Bhuvana Narasimhan

Dr. Narasimhan is working with student Conner Moses to ressearch psycholinguistics, working memory, and word choice.

Dr. Alexis Palmer

Dr. Palmer is researching social and political identity, tweets, and the far right with students Jax Helmick and Victoria Efigenio-Ulloa.

Dr. Clara Park

Dr. Park is working with students Maelynn Terr, Anushka Kathait, and Arjun Novotny Shandas to research politics of climate change.

Dr. Lori Peek

Dr. Peek is researching earthquake warnings in schools with students Daniella Fairley and Dhruv Seth.

Dr. David Pyrooz

Dr. Pyrooz is working with students Katherina Mook, Remi Trauernicht, and Sibonelly (Sibo) Espitia Sanchez to research gangs and crime.

Dr. Chase Raymond

Dr. Raymond is researching the corpus of language discrimination in action with students Boniface Mwinyi and Blanca Cerda.

Dr. Colleen Reid

Dr. Reid is working with students Sebatian Cedeno Gonzalez, Laycea Atao, and Lucia Montoya Cardenas to research wlidfire smoke and schools. In addition, Dr. Reid is working with student Amanda Ruybal on a literature review regarding use of structural equation modeling in environmental exposure and health research; they are using an SEM to evaluate how perceptions and objective exposure to green space influence mental health.

Dr. Kristie Soares

Dr. Soares is researching Latinx DJs with students Stacey Bui, Fabiola Flores, and Emily Miller.

Hyodong Sohn (Ph.D. candidate)

Ph.D. candidate in political science Hyodong Sohn is working with student Alina Lopo to research energy transition.

Dr. Anand Sokhey

Dr. Sokhey is researching Christian nationalism in the US with students Nikhita Garaga and Sky Kelsey.

Dr. Kyle Thomas

Dr. Thomas is researching control theories of crime with students Jay Garnas and Natalie Castro.

Melissa Villarreal (Ph.D. candidate)

Ph.D. candidate in sociology Melissa Villarreal is researching post disaster recovery of Mexican immigrant women following Hurricane Harvey (2017) in Houston, TX with student Amanda Ruybal.

Jody Witt, Director of Operations, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Jody Witt is working alongside Franziska Zenhaeusern and student Lucy Friedman to research violence prevention in schools.

Franziska Zenhaeusern, Manager for School Training and Support in the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Franziska Zenhaeusern is working alongside Jody Witt and student Lucy Friedman to research violence prevention in schools.