The next Studio Lab application is due on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Undergraduate students fill out an online application.

Faculty submit a separate online application proposing their research project on which they would like to work with undergraduate students.

Decisions will be announced at the end of the spring 2023 semester for the 2023-2024 academic year. Students are accepted for the academic year, but exceptions can be made to participate for a single semester.

Frequently Asked Application Questions for Students

Do I need to know which faculty member/research mentor I would like to work with?

No! If you are accepted, Studio Lab will pair you with a research mentor. You may indicate if you would like to work with someone, but this is not required.

Who are the research mentors?

Most of our research mentors are faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder. Faculty submit applications to Studio Lab with proposed research projects on which you can work. Some of our research mentors are professional researchers at the Institutes of Behavioral Science. We also have a few Ph.D. candidates who serve as research mentors. Because mentors must also apply, the specific set of mentors and research projects changes with each application cycle.

What does it mean that Studio Lab prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion?

We recruit as broadly as possible to get a diverse group of students, research mentors, and research project topics involved in Studio Lab. All undergrad students at CU Boulder are welcome and encouraged to apply!

Do I need to know what kind of research I am interested in?

No! The application will ask about your research interests so that we can pair you with a researhc mentor and project if you are accepted, but you do not need to have very specific research interests. Our main requirement is that you show enthusiasm for working with a mentor on research.

Do I need prior research experience?

No! We prioritize enthuasiasm for conducting research with a mentor. No prior experience is required.

Do I need to have a federal work study award?

No! If you are accepted, you may use a federal work study award with a Studio Lab position, but this is not required.

When is the best time to participate in Studio Lab during my undergraduate studies?

Anytime is a good time to apply to be part of Studio Lab! We are designed to provide experience and training in conducting academic research in the College of Arts & Sciences. The best time will depend on the individual student and their circumstances. Often, your sophmore or junior year is a good time to participate. We accept most students in the spring for the upcoming academic year. A few students may be accepted mid-year to participate in only the spring semester.

Can I do my Studio Lab work remotely?

Yes, as long as this is acceptable for the research mentor to whom you are assigned.

How many hours am I expected to work for Studio Lab?

We give students a guideline of working on their Studio lab work for about 5 hours a week for 15 weeks of the semester. You may work more or less than 5 hours in a given week, but you cannot exceed 75 hours of Studio Lab work in a semester.  We ask that you meet with you research mentor (either remotely or in person) at least every 2 weeks.