I have to do projects in my course. Am I taking a CURE?

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do you conduct research where you are uncertain of the outcome?
2. Is your research original, using new data?
3. Are you and your professor working toward a goal, knowing that the curriculum could change depending on the outcome? 

Answered ‘yes’ to all three? Then yes, you are. Not sure? Talk to your professor about whether it is a CURE. Feel free to point to us at this website! We will help you navigate!  


"This is a good way for students to look at one particular topic and be able to develop expertise." 

-Irfan Alam, PhD student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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"It was an opportunity for us to be able to do research as freshmen in college. I thought I would never be able to work in a lab this early and learn so much about drug development and about research overall."

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"The professor's enthusiasm, charisma, thoughtful design and knowledge made this class invigorating."

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"I am so thankful for the opportunity this lab gave me.  I learned so much and I can’t even describe how grateful I am for the people I have met and the things that I have discovered in this lab.  Right from the start I found our research project incredibly interesting, and after going through this lab my excitement for the world of science has only grown."

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"The course was a fantastic introduction into research and what to expect when doing research."