Young Kyung Min, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Professor


I have an interdisciplinary background in Writing Studies, Education, and TESOL. My main research interests include contemplative education, literacy practices, and intercultural communication. My current research project explores how teaching through a “slow looking” pedagogy helps students of Generation Z—who have grown up in a culture of distraction and multitasking—cultivate the habits of mind and dispositions that can enhance their academic performance as well as physical and mental health. The insights I have gained by teaching various writing courses have been the very basis of my scholarship. Inspired by my students’ responses about how “slow-looking” practices have helped them with their academic performance as well as physical and mental health during the pandemic remote learning, I wrote my essay “Slow Looking: Powerful Tool of Mindfulness to Facilitate Transfer” which was published in the Journal of Contemplative Inquiry in Summer 2022. My research has been also published in TESOL Journal, Journal of International Students, Praxis: Writing Center Journal, book chapters, etc.