Teaching Associate Professor


I have been teaching at CU for 36 years and have been with the Program for Writing and Rhetoric since its inception in 2000. I shape my teaching around students’ writing and communication needs today, in the professional world and in the complex wider arena of our nation and globe. I help students, whether first-years or seniors, with basic writing concerns such as clear focus, trustworthy research, and engaging development of their ideas. I have been teaching environmental issues as a central topic in my courses since 1998. I am a liaison with CU’s Mission Zero (about Mission Zero), an organization that works to promote a better understand of climate change and student action to improve our future. I also teach writing and rhetoric courses that center on the American West, contemporary social issues, and scientific topics for STEM majors. I understand the general challenges and opportunities that CU graduates will face and work to help each of my students succeed at CU and beyond.