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Creative nonfiction is an important and integral part of the writing curriculum in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric. From helping students reflect on their experience and deepen their thinking, to encouraging them to engage the community and compose as public writers, creative nonfiction offers our students a uniquely vibrant, personal mode of writing that is engaged with developing a self-aware writer who actively explores the relationship between creativity and rhetoric. The PWR, leading the University of Colorado’s embrace of this “fourth genre,” is committed to developing this mode of writing as a conceptual and aesthetic form that is integral to writing on campus.


Hindsight is an undergraduate creative nonfiction journal published at the University of Colorado at Boulder. By publishing exclusively creative nonfiction, our journal celebrates new voices in personal essay, new journalism, portrait, memoir, and more.

Hindsight is produced by students enrolled in the journal production course (WRTG 2090) each fall, or by Independent Study with PWR Creative Nonfiction faculty each spring. For the annual print journal, editorial staff choose from submissions across campus after a fall editorial deadline; the print edition then launches each spring and is distributed significantly again the following fall. Along with a print publication, Hindsight is growing to publish exclusive online content, including videos and other multi-media creative nonfiction. Students also have an associated club to promote creative nonfiction on campus and establish a supportive community of writers.

Hindsight is supported by the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at CU Boulder and printed by CU Imaging Services. The editorial team is always looking for passionate students to contribute to our community of creative nonfiction writers. Visit the journal's home page to learn how to get involved and submit work. Join the Hindsight community on Facebook to stay current on events, publications and upcoming submissions!