First Year Writing
  • 1st Place: Nico HaBa - No Longer My Story: The College Essay and Privilege
    2nd Place: Finn Cruit - Pseudoscience in My Life: How It's Affecting Our Response to Climate Change
    3rd Place: Alexander Ashby - The First of Many
  • 1st Place: Deelia Sherman - Painting the Town: How Graffiti Gives a Voice to the Voiceless
    2nd Place: Casey Brengan - Whose Culture is it Anyway? Museum Artifact Repatriation and the Academic Spiral Over Cultural Property
    3rd Place: Annika Schon - The Dire Need for the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act
  • 1st Place: Matthew Labay - Getting Some Air
    2nd Place: Megan McLemore - The Show About Nothing
    3rd Place: Leah Abrahamsson- Uneasiness, Dread and a Rapid Heartbeat
  • 1st Place: Jacob Beauprez - The Assay: Psilocybin Legalization in Colorado
    2nd Place: Benjamin Lau - Faith and Diabetes: My Journey
    3rd Place: Josh Taylor- Find Your Why

Upper Divison Writing
  • 1st Place: Jasmine Blustein - So Long, CD's Wings
    2nd Place: Jennifer Bockius - The Influence of Microgravity on Muscles in the Human Body
    3rd Place: Miarabelle Riley - Unwriting a Myth: Wild Horses in the United States
  • 1st Place (TIE): Camille LaRocca - A Mirror I Refuse to Look Into
    1st Place(TIE): Emily Colgan - What is Megargel?
    3rd Place: Vivian Luckiw - Are you better?
  • Fall 2022: Jim Grady - The Effect of Scientific Popularizations on Polyps
    Summer 2022: Ethan Miles - Relinquishing the Grip of Copyright on Creative Growth
    Spring 2022: Abigail Rindfuss - Astronaut Attire
  • 1st Place: Jim Grady, Regan Fenske, Josh Miller, & Kevin Pipich - Assessment of Academic Services for Mechanical Engineering Students
  • 1st Place: Benjamin Chastain - Access for the Everyman | Unlocking Private Closures of America's Public Lands
  • 1st Place: María Correa González
    2nd Place: Taylor Henderson

Diversity Writing
  • 1st Place: Anonymous - Becoming a "Straightforward Case": Transgender Assimilation and the False Self
    2nd Place: Anonymous - Women, Life, Freedom: Women of Iran's Protests for a Life of Freedom
    3rd Place: Emily Miller - Malcom the Movement
  • 1st Place: Xyon Zhang - Graduation: International Parenthood and Education