Published: Aug. 30, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the ASSETT Innovation Incubator Inclusive Data Science team has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. Team members are Jane Garrity (ENGL), David Glimp (ENGL), Vilja Hulden (HIST), Eric Vance (APPM), Brett Melbourne (EBIO), and the PWR's own Nathan Pieplow.

These faculty members just launched the team-taught course AHUM 1825 (Interdisciplinary Data Science for All), which is designed to teach data science from a humanities perspective. The first iteration of the course is currently fully enrolled with 66 students. It can count as a humanities credit for STEM students or as a quantitative reasoning credit for humanities students. The NSF funds will be used to evaluate AHUM 1825's effectiveness, to carry out a growth and sustainability plan for the course, and to grow the interdisciplinary network across the college and the campus into a Big Tent vision for teaching interdisciplinary, inclusive data science.

Look for more initiatives and innovative curriculum from this team in the future. If you have any interest in learning how to incorporate aspects of data science into your writing courses, in ways large or small -- such as the rhetoric of data visualization, evaluating quantitative arguments, or issues of algorithmic bias, just to name a few -- please contact