Calling all Satellite Scientists!

Interested in joining the MAXWELL team next semester? You're in luck! The MAXWELL team is very interested to see how you might contribute to the success of our mission.

We are looking for graduate students with interest in or experience in:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Integration and Test
  • Attitude Determination and Control
  • Command and Data Handling Software Architecture
  • Embedded Systems Design*
  • PCB and Avionics Design
  • Missions Operations
  • Programming: C++, Embedded C, Linux

We are heavily recruiting in the areas of software (specifically involving embedded systems design). If you have interest in or experience in this area, please reach out to us!

Levels of Commitment:

Interested in working on the MAXWELL project? There are multiple levels of commitment to meet the needs of all types of students:

Graduate Project Class

  • Fall 2023 Graduate Projects class (3 cr), Aero Dept ASEN 5018/6028, Section 804
  • Mandatory lab session from 1:00-2:50 on Monday & Wednesday
  • New members take ASEN 5018 (sec 804), second semester team members take ASEN 6028 (Sec 804)
  • Professor / Principal Investigator: Dr. Scott Palo (
  • You will need to ask permission to enroll in the class. Please email our project manager Ashutosh Kalsi or Chief Engineer Ben Gavin (info below) to get set up.

Independent Study

  • Not interested in the graduate projects route? An independent study course is offered in the ASEN and ECEN departments
  • Independent study students are expected to attend the same lab session as the students in the graduate project course (MW 1:00-2:50)
  • You will need to enroll in independent study prior to the start of the semester. Please email our project manager Ashutosh Kalsi or Chief Engineer Ben Gavin (info below) to get set up.


  • If you cannot commit to independent study or are looking for a more customizable time commitment, there is still a place for you on the MAXWELL team!
  • Please email our project manager project manager Ashutosh Kalsi or Chief Engineer Ben Gavin (info below) if you are interested in volunteering

Paid Positions

  • Students must have shown a commitment to the project for at least a semester before being considered for a paid position
  • Paid students have shown a high quality of work and can complete tasks critical to the project without supervision of the team

Info Session

  • Currently there are no info sessions scheduled, but feel free to contact our project manager (listed below) with any additional questions!

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