This coursework-focused degree program emphasizes both project-based and curriculum-driven learning. It is targeted at working engineers and undergraduates considering, or already pursuing, a career in industry, but can also be completed with the ultimate goal of a PhD program.

Program Requirements

All MS students must complete the following requirements to be eligible for graduation:

  • Plan of study - You must take 30 graduate-level credit hours of 5000+ level courses with at least a grade of C in each course. Masters students may petition to transfer as many as 9 credits of approved graduate level coursework not used towards another Masters degree. You must maintain a cumula­tive 3.0 GPA to remain in good standing. Students in the Non-Thesis MS degree program can enroll in any combination of coursework that they would like, from the Robotics Courses website.
  • ROBO 5000: Introduction to Robotics - You must receive a grade of B or better (not B-) in ROBO 5000: Introduc­tion to Robotics within your first year of enrollment.
  • Breadth Requirements - You must receive a grade of B or better (not B-) in THREE graduate courses at the 5000-level: ONE each from THREE different bins listed on the Courses website. This requirement assures the breadth of your knowledge in Robotics. If you already have completed such a course at another school and have not used those credits towards a Masters degree, you can petition the graduate committee for approval of transfer of credits.
  • Remaining Coursework - The remaining 18 graduate-level credit hours must be completed from the Courses list.
  • Courses External to the Robotics Program - You may take up to 6 credit hours from other depart­ments provided that those courses have significant Robotics content and are taught by a member of the graduate faculty. Students need not petition for non-ROBO graduate courses as long as they are within the College of Engineering and Applied Science. You must file a petition to allow any other courses to be counted toward the degree. This peti­tion must explicitly verify the above requirements and must be approved by your advisor and the Graduate Director of the Robotics program. You should seek approval for any out of program classes be­fore the add/drop deadline. When considering out of program course, consider the following guidelines:
    • They must not be Robotics or very similar to a course available in ROBO.
    • They must not be cross-listed with ROBO.
    • They must have significant Robotics content.
    • The instructor must be a member of the Graduate School faculty.
    • You will ALWAYS need to fle a petition to the graduate committee.
    • You should discuss with the graduate advisor before the add/drop deadline.

Transfer Credit

You may be eligible to transfer up to 9 hours of coursework to meet the Master’s degree course require­ments. More information is available on the Request for Transfer of Credit Form from the CU Graduate School. To transfer credits, you must fill out and submit this form to the Graduate School via DocuSign.

Please note that requests for transfer credit can only be made after completing 6 credits of graduate level coursework at CU Boulder. These requests should be submitted as soon after completion of this 6 credit requirement as possible. Typically, this means that transfer of credit requests are processed during your second semester of study at CU Boulder.