Additional Investigations by iHub

In addition to inquiryHub Biology course development and SchoolWide Labs Forces at a Distance: Magnetism for Middle School Students Maglev Trains unit, three additional investigations are currently underway.

NSFBuilding Capacity to Analyze and Adapt Tasks Focused on 3-Dimensional Learning Goals (National Science Foundation)

   This project investigates the potential of tools and professional learning experiences to help teachers develop three-dimensional science assessments. The study looks at improvement in the quality of teachers’ assessment tasks and shifts in their vision for science assessment.

SpencerBuilding Capacity for Using Data on Student Experience as Formative Assessment to Promote Equitable Instruction (Spencer Foundation)

This study focuses on designing and validating classroom measures of student experience related to curricular coherence. The study also involves developing the technological infrastructure for capturing, analyzing and displaying data from these measures in a manner that is useful for teachers. 

HewlettDeepening Equitable Learning through Culturally Relevant, Phenomenon-Based Science Teaching (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation)

  This project supports teachers to co-design, implement, and study science curriculum materials. The project offers professional learning support for teachers to engage in culturally relevant, phenomenon-based science teaching.