inquiryHub high school and middle school curricula are guided by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Using research-based approaches to teaching science in a deeply digital environment, students contribute resources, observations, data, and analyses to solve larger scientific problems. 

inquiryHub curricula are designed to go beyond traditional science content. By focusing on phenomena relevant to students' lives and communities, the courses provides opportunities to authentically engage with science and engineering practices. The combination of community science, technology, and a focus on science and engineering practices has been shown to help students feel more like scientists, including the belief that their ability to do science can make a difference in their world (Bang & Medin, 2010; Calabrese Barton & Tan, 2010; Roth & Lee, 2003; Shutt, Vye, & Bransford, 2011; Tzou & Bell, 2010).