Peter Blanken
Professor of Geography • PhD University of British Columbia 1997


Biometeorology, water and carbon cycling, hydrology of high latitude wetlands and lakes

Research Interests

My overall research objective is to understand how the physical processes regulating water and carbon cycling at the Earth's surface are affected by environmental changes. I study a variety of ecosystems including lakes, wetlands, alpine tundra, forest, and grasslands. My research is based on observations made at each location using a variety of instruments, and I often use models and remote sensing to help interpret the measurements. In addition to process-based field studies, I am also interested in how and why people recall and perceive past meteorological events. For example, how do people's recollection of climate compare to the actual observations, and what affects the accuracy and reliability of their climate memory? I'm also interested in how class size (enrollment) affects both teaching quality and students' inclass performance. I investigate this through statistical analysis of class evaluations, and surveys/interviews with faculty and students.