Huck Rees

James (Huck) Rees is a masters student working as part of the Critical Zone Project. Huck is interested in interdisciplinary watershed science and restoration, and plans on looking at the interplays between geomorphology, ecology, hydrology, and organic carbon in headwater streams. Huck received a double major in geology and history, as well as a minor in geographic information systems, from the University of California, Davis, where he conducted research on floodplain management, geomorphology, and small stream restoration strategies in the Sierra Nevada, Channel Islands, US Midwest, and Japan. Huck also spent two years post-bachelors working for an engineering company in Sacramento, California, where he worked on quantifying flood-risk and developing floodplain management plans for various local, state, and federal agencies.  Huck’s love for physical geography and watershed processes stems from years exploring the stunning natural landscapes of California and the American West, as well as research opportunities he was involved with while a student at UC Davis.