EEF Symposium 2023

Tuesday April 25, 2023 Engineering Lobby 12:30 - 2:30 pm


The EEF welcomes you to this year's Annual EEF Symposium. Due to the pandemic the symposium has not been held in three years. Now that we are able to host it once again, we are grateful for those who took time out of their day to attend. The Symposium is a highlight of the excellence and innovation found within the engineering departments here at CU Boulder. We hope that you walk around and talk to each of the tables.




The EEF needs your help! After viewing these incredible presentations, take some time to vote for your favorite projects based on the categories listed below. Voting is open to all CU staff, faculty, and students:


CU Mission Statement Award
The project which best aligns with CU’s
Mission statement: ‘to shape tomorrow’s
leaders, be the top University for innovation,
and to positively impact humanity.’


EEF Mission Statement Award
The project which best aligns with EEF’s
Mission statement: ‘ to empower students,
faculty, and staff to create an excellent and
innovative environment for engineering


Most Entertaining Award
The presentation that kept your attention the


Most Interactive Award
The presentation that was the most hands-on.


“Ahh” Award

The project that was the most unexpected.



Thank you for your participation, and we hope these projects inspire you and your future innovations!



Tables in Attendance

Data Science and Analytics Course Development

Chemical and Biological Engineering Department

CU Racing Team

Mechanical Engineering Summer Internship for Credit

CU Hyperloop

CU SPUR and DLA Research Programs

Colorado WASH Symposium

Center for Infrastructure Energy and Space Testing

Bridge Buffs

CU Sounding Rocket Laboratory

CU Robotics

Hidden Sense

Colorado Robosub


Rapid Prototyping and Vibrational Testing Improvements for Students

CU Wind Team