Mini Proposals

Proposed amounts up to $3000 are awarded twice yearly: Fall and Spring cycles. Mini Proposals are utilized for student teams, prototyping education innovations, and curriculum development!

For mini proposals, the maximum amount of funding is $3000.

Proposals can be submitted for evaluation every semester.

Matching funds are contributions to your project from sources other than the request from EEF. The EEF Committee examines matching funds to help determine the level of support, or “buy-in”, from sources internal and external to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Mini Proposal RFP and Submission Portal

Major Proposals

Proposed amounts with no dollar cap are awarded once yearly during a Spring cycle. Major Proposals are utilized for larger student groups, laboratory upgrades, and larger projects!

For major proposals, there is no limit to the amount of funding that can be allocated, but the sum of all funded proposals is limited by the available yearly funding. Available: $400k-500k.

Department/program rankings are required! Your Department or Program Chair must rank all department/program proposals. Proposals not ranked are disqualified.

These questions require a response for the Major proposal to be considered. These are questions the EEF Committee sends to the proposal team within a couple of weeks following the Major Proposal submission deadline.

Major Proposal RFP and Submission Portal

Funding Timeline and Deadlines