The Engineering Excellence Fund’s (EEF) mission is to empower students, faculty, and staff to create an excellent and innovative environment for engineering education in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, through the efficient investment of student resources.

Examples of past funding include the Colorado Boulder Rocketry Association, the Engineering Center lobby renovation, undergraduate Chemical and Biological Engineering lab upgrades, Engineers Without Borders, Bridges to Prosperity, and a host of senior design projects from a variety of departments. EEF is also responsible for administering the Sullivan-Carlson Faculty Award. Our members read and evaluate proposals from engineering students and faculty and decide how to allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. EEF meets roughly every other week throughout the year.

The EEF Committee awards more than half a million dollars annually to students, educators, and programs through fixed commitments and proposal cycles. Check out opportunities to receive EEF funding or previous awards!

The Committee

The Engineering Excellence Fund places the interests and investment power of the engineering student experiences at CU Boulder in the hands of current engineering students. The Engineering Excellence Fund Committee serves as a funding agency for a variety of projects in the College including senior projects, lab upgrades, building renovations, class development, CU engineering teams, and engineering projects for society.

EEF operations are entirely student managed and selected. The EEF Committee is composed of 6 undergraduate students and 3 graduate students from the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The 9 voting member committee spans as many department and degree programs as possible to promote greater awareness and advocacy for the needs of all engineering students at CU Boulder. The committee is advised by 3 faculty/staff non-voting mentors.