Admission to the program depends on which track you select. For both tracks, your admittance is dependent upon your performance in Calculus I, II, and III. Application forms for the Actuarial Studies Track can be found to the left under the "more information" tab.

Quantitative Finance Track Admission

Actuarial Studies Track Admission

To be admitted to the Actuarial Studies Track of the Certicate Program, you must have completed Calculus I, II, and III with a grade of B+ or better in each (*). You must also earn a C- or better in every required course in order to finish the certificate.

If you have been given credit for AP exams in calculus, you must have scored 4 or better on the BC test, or have gotten a 5 on the AB test. If you have transfer credit in calculus, you must have gotten a B+ or better in each transferred course. If you are currently taking your third semester of calculus, you can be admitted provisionally to the Actuarial Studies Track with a note from your instructor stating that you are currently doing B+ or better work. Provisional admittance will make it easier to enroll for some courses, but you will dropped from the Actuarial Studies track if you do not actually earn a B+ or better in the course.

(*) A student may also be admitted by passing the first examination of the Society of Actuaries. Alternatively, if a student has a GPA of 3.0 or greater in Calculus I, II, and III, then they can earn admission by getting a grade of A- or better in linear algebra or mathematical probability.