What Is an Actuary?

Actuaries are the chief professionals in the insurance industry: there are 20,000 nationwide working on insurance and pension plans for industry and government. Their job is to measure risks associated with events and the magnitude (costs) of those risks. Actuaries do this using high level mathematics, probability, and statistics. In order to earn the designation of "actuary," you must pass a series of actuarial exams. Consequently, the supply of actuaries is limited.

Actuaries are highly respected and highly compensated: the job of ``actuary'' is annually rated among the best jobs in America in The Jobs Rated Almanac.

What Is the Actuarial Studies Track?

The Actuarial Studies Track is designed to help students obtain the mathematical, economical, and financial expertise necessary to become actuaries. Students are required to enroll and excel in the courses that will prepare them for the series of actuarial exams.

Because of the nature of the actuarial profession and the actuarial exams, our program is extremely challenging, focusing on an extensive applied mathematics education.

Students who are contemplating joining the program should have both a strong interest and an exceptional talent in mathematics.

Actuarial Societies

There are several Actuarial Societies throughout North America who coordinate actuarial examinations and serve the profession. Some major ones are: