Studying abroad provides Political Science students an amazing opportunity to explore other parts of the world, meet people from different cultures, and expand your horizons!  Imagine experiencing politics in countries you've only read about in textbooks and observing first-hand how people experience different political institutions.  Or picture what it would be like to learn about American politics at a university on the other side of the world!  We highly recommend integrating a study abroad experience into your undergraduate career--and there are a couple ways to do so!

Political Science majors can go abroad for a summer, semester or even a full-year.  Students are recommended to save some upper-division PSCI electives to take abroad, along with possible A&S Core and general degree electives.  For more information, view the Political Science Education Abroad Guide or information about getting started and selecting a program/location.

Our very own Dr. Michaele Ferguson will be teaching a 3-credit study abroad course this Maymester in Paris, France. If you're interested, to learn more about dates, how to apply and the course itself visit the course website here! Also, here's a few slides with more info!