This year has been challenging and we are so grateful to everyone who has continually participated and helped with our organization. As we return (hopefully) to in-person events this fall, we hope to offer even more exciting opportunities for students to engage with. Stay tuned!

Here are some highlights from the 2020-2021 academic year:

Election Night Watch Parties

  • We partnered with Pi Sigma Alpha (PSA), the Political Science honors fraternity, to engage with the CU community about the 2020 debates between Donald Trump versus Joe Biden and Mike Pence versus Kamala Harris. We were fortunate to have Dr. Kenneth Bickers also join us for our first of this series to provide his insights on the effects of debates on election outcomes.

Forum with CU Regents Candidates

  • Candidates Callie Rennison (D - Colorado District 2) and Ilana Spiegel (D - Colorado District 6) joined us for an open forum with students about how they planned to serve if elected to the Boards of Regents for the University of Colorado. Richard Murray (R - Colorado District 6) also submitted a questionnaire from the club for students to read.

Q&A with Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver

  • After Boulder experienced multiple national news events in the spring of 2021, including the University Hill riots and the shooting at King Soopers, Mayor Sam Weaver joined the club to provide his insights about how the community could move forward. Other topics included city housing policy, climate change, and Boulder's overall future.

 Dialogue with the U.S. Air Force Academy

  • In partnership with the U.S. Air Force Academy's political discussion group, we engaged students in a discussion about American exceptionalism. We hope to continue this relationship with the Academy in the coming years.

 Professor Visits

  • We were so grateful to the following professors who spoke at our many events: Dr. Kenneth Bickers, Dr. Tamar Malloy, Dr. Sven Steinmo, Dr. Steven Vanderheiden, and Dr. Jennifer Wolak. Topics ranged from moving forward after a tumultuous election, climate change, and the psychology of politics.”

2020-2021 Officers


President - Cayden Stice
Year: Senior

 Majors/Minors: Cayden is a senior double majoring in history and political science, originally from Longmont, Colorado. Since Cayden was young, he has been fascinated with political systems and how they affect our daily lives. With this, Cayden is excited to be involved with the Political Science Club and coordinate events for the community. Currently, Cayden is writing his honors thesis through the CU history Department, focused on the queer history of Boulder County. 



Vice President - Anouk Schembri
Year: Freshman

Majors/Minors: Anouk is a freshman studying political science and planning to minor in Chinese. She has been decided on pursuing a political career ever since her sophomore year in high school, leading to her involvement in various political campaigns/organizations in both Denver and Aurora. She is about to begin her second internship with the City and County of Denver HRCP Office of Community and Veterans Affairs. Outside of politics, Anouk is a first-year cadet in Air Force ROTC, has been playing the cello for 12 years, and enjoys skiing. 



Secretary - Bryn Norie
Year: Sophomore

Majors/Minors: Bryn is a Sophomore here at CU double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She is an Army brat who has lived all over the country (and the world). Post undergrad, she plans on getting involved in the public policy side of peacebuilding and peacemaking. Bryn absolutely loves talking about politics and getting people involved in the political world. When not studying or doing school work, Bryn loves to hike, ski, go to swim practice, and hang out with her friends.