Learn About Dr. Mathias Delori

Mathias Delori is an accomplished political scientist whose primary affiliation is with the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux. His specialty is international relations and European Politics. Delori's presence on the CU Boulder campus as a visiting professor under the FIRST program represents a tremendous opportunity for Boulder students who will be able to learn about international relations and/or European Politics from a European perspective. Delori's research falls into a stream being developed right now by political scientists Joe Jupile, Steve Chan, Jennifer Fitzgerald and David Bearce. Delori will be an active participant in this research stream, by sharing his experience with the theory, methods and data surrounding theories of international relations and European Politics. Consequently, Mathias Deleon's participation in the FIRST program will directly abet CU Boulder's teaching and research missions and its international profile.

What is PSCI 3143?

This class will teach analyze the various theoretical and policy challenges facing the post-Cold War world with an eye on examining alternative conceptions of and approaches to such challenges. Given current events in Europe regarding security, immigration, and terrorism, his perspective will provide students contact with an important alternative viewpoint.

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