Kimberly Killen

Dissertation: Feminist Claims and the Politics of Reception Committee: Michaele Ferguson (Chair), Steve Vanderheiden, Tamar Malloy, Carew Boulding, Celeste Montoya (Women & Gender Studies) Major Fields: Political Theory, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2022 Lecturer for the Department of Political Science, CU Boulder

Brett Bessen

Dissertation: Unbinding the Executive? Public Opinion and Presidential Accountability in Latin America Committee: Carew Boulding (Chair), Andy Baker, Andrew Philips, Jennifer Fitzgerald, and Paolo Moncagatta (Universidad San Francisco de Quito) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Political Theory Ph.D. 2022 Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Tecnológico de Monterrey

Roger Emmelhainz

Dissertation: Science in an Intergenerational Democracy Committee: Steven Vanderheiden (Chair), Michaele Ferguson, Krister Andersson, Benjamin Hale (Environmental Studies), Elisabeth Ellis, University of Otago Major Fields: Political Theory, Public Policy, Methods Ph.D. 2020 Economic Research Manager in Florida's Bureau of Workforce Statistics and Economic Research (WSER) .

Anna Daily

Dissertation : Power and the Politics of Madness: Mental Illness at the Intersection of State and Society Committee : Michaele Ferguson (Chair), Steven Vanderheiden, Tamar Malloy, Carew Boulding, and Andrew Dilts (Loyola Marymount University) Major Fields : Political Theory, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2020 Assistant Professor of Identity Politics, Department of...

Levente Szentkirályi

Dissertation: The Ethics of Precaution: Taking Responsibility for Uncertain Threats of Environmental Harm Committee : Benjamin Hale (Chair), David Mapel, J. Samuel Fitch, Krister Andersson, William Boyd Major Fields: Political Theory, International Relations, and Environmental Policy Ph.D. 2017 Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric, University of Colorado Boulder

Martin DeNicolo

Dissertation: Politics, The Judeo-Christian Tradition, And The Modern West: Envisioning Political Liberalism Through An Arendtian Lens Committee: Horst Mewes (Chair), David Mapel, Michaele Ferguson, Steven Vanderheiden, Deborah Whitehead Major Fields: Political Theory Ph.D. 2014 Data Systems and Engagement Manager, City of Detroit

Brian Bernhardt

Dissertation: Costs and Commitment: The Leverage of International Institutions in Conflicts between States Committee: Steven Vanderheiden (Chair), Michaele Ferguson, David Mapel, James Martel, Alison Jaggar Major Fields: Political Theory Ph.D. 2014 Associate Professor of Politics & Government, Western Colorado University

Jason Robles

Dissertation: An Honest Heart and a Knowing Head: A Study of the Moral, Political, and Educational Thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson Committee: David Mapel (Chair), Horst Mewes, Steven Vanderheiden, Claudia Mills, Ethan Putterman Major Fields: Political Theory Ph.D. 2012 Owner, Jason Robles Photography , Paraeducator, Special Education, Platt...

Eamon Aloyo

Dissertation: Basic Democratic Rights and Global Institutional Responsibilities: Democracy, Development, International Law, and Transitional Justice Committee: Steven Vanderheiden (Chair), Krister Andersson, Michaele Ferguson, Alison Jaggar, David Mapel Major Fields: Political Theory Ph.D. 2012 Assistant Professor, Institute for Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University

Heather Roff

Dissertation: Provisional to Perfect: A Kantian Theory of Humanitarian Intervention Committee: David Mapel (Chair), Robert Hanna, Horst Mewes, Steven Vanderheiden Major Fields: Political Theory Ph.D. 2011 Nonresident Fellow - Foreign Policy, Center for Security, Strategy, and Technology, Brookings , Senior Research Analyst at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,...