Patricia Jaramillo

Dissertation: Determining Candidate Support: A Study Of Delegates to the 1998 Colorado Statewide Elections Committee: Walter Stone (Chair), John McIver, Lonna Atkeson, Vanessa Baird, Frances Costa Major Fields: American Politics Ph.D. 2004 Graduate Advisor of Record, Senior Lecturer, Public Administration, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Matthew Hirschland

Dissertation: Corporate Social Responsibility Networks: Assessing the Private Governance of Public Goods Committee: Sven Steinmo (Chair), Horst Mewes, Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2004 Founder and Principal, H2A Partners

Glen Galaich

Dissertation: A Two-Level Theory of Repression: Ethnopolitical Cleavages, International Aid, and Human Rights in Sub -Saharan Africa Committee: James Scarritt (Chair), David Leblang, Shaheen Mozaffar, William Safran, Roland Paris Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2004 Chief Executive Officer at Stupski Foundation

Britt Cartrite

Dissertation: Reclaiming Their Shadow: Ethnopolitical Mobilization in Consolidated Democracies Committee: William Safran (Chair), Sven Steinmo, Luis Moreno, David Leblang, James Scarritt Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2003 Professor, Political Science at Alma University