Anand Sokhey
Associate Professor

KTCH 237

ANAND EDWARD SOKHEY (The Ohio State University, 2009) joined the CU faculty in 2009 after receiving his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Anand specializes in American politics, and his research examines how formal and informal political conversations, interpersonal networks, and environments -- whether defined in terms of organizations or geographic boundaries -- independently and interactively shape opinion formation and decision-making.  His research intersects with scholarship on communication, gender, religion and politics, and political psychology, and much of it is characterized by original data collection.  He is the co-author of Politics on Display: Yard Signs and the Politicization of Social Spaces (2019, Oxford University Press), and his work has appeared in the APSR, AJPS and JOP, among other outlets.  He currently serves as the director of the Keller Center for the Study of the First Amendment, and is a faculty fellow at the Institute for Behavioral Science

Curriculum Vitae