The Competition Between Airbus and Boeing

March 2, 2020

Image Retrieved From: The Competition Between Airbus and Boeing By Kavya Kannan Introduction The international airplane manufacturing industry is dominated by the United State’s Boeing, Europe’s Airbus. Through subsidies, the United States and several European countries have made significant financial contributions to their respective manufacturers , fueling competition and...

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Protests: The International Response

Nov. 4, 2019

Image Source: ChannelNewsAsia The Hong Kong Protests: The International Response By: Editorial Board Introduction Hong Kong holds a special and strategic position in the geopolitical realm. After the British handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong became subject to the ‘one country, two systems’ policy enabling Hong Kong to pursue...

climate change thumbnail

Climate Change and Geopolitics

May 2, 2019

Source – Monocle - 2019 Introduction The fossil fuels that once powered prosperity and innovation across the world are now its greatest threat . The carbon emissions released through the burning of fossil fuels has significantly increased the concentration of heat-capturing greenhouse gases, causing deleterious and indelible changes to the...



March 12, 2019

Introduction For years, Venezuela has experienced a tumultuous descent into both regime change and economic instability; today, longstanding President, Nicolas Maduro is being challenged by the Venezuelan National Assembly, and specifically, its front man and opposition leader, Juan Guaido. The economy has been on a steep decline for nearly a...


Protests in France Unite Left and Right, Urban and Rural

Feb. 5, 2019

Introduction French President Emanuel Macron’s decision to raise the gasoline tax to address environmental concerns ignited the largest protests France has seen in decades . People took to the streets, protesting lower living standards, inflation, and stagnating wages. With some early signs that the yellow vests movement is spreading across...