Effective 1/1/21, all job openings for undergraduate students MUST be posted before you recruit/hire. This is a part of the EPA (Equal Pay Act). CU Boulder’s campus minimum wage increased from $12.32 to $15.00 per hour on July 1, 2021. The new minimum wage applies to all campus employees. Any employers contracted through CU Boulder will be required to comply with the new minimum wage.

Please see the details: https://www.colorado.edu/studentemployment/descriptions-pay-codes

The hiring department is required to retain a copy of the job posting used for each hire for the entire time the student is working, plus two years after their termination.

When you plan to hire undergraduate students, please fill out the Job Posting Information form below. This includes for positions that may be open to undergrad and graduate students.

(Minimum of 3 business days)