Preparing Future Faculty 

One primary goal of our graduate program is to enhance the graduate teaching experience by offering teaching assistantships (TA), graduate part-time instructor positions (GPTI), and the certificate in college teaching through the nationally-recognized Graduate Teacher Program. Our program is unique in that students are able to increase their abilities of teaching from the moment they enter the program to the time they graduate. 

Graduate Teacher Program

The Graduate Teacher Program’s goal is to encourage graduate student participants to take their current teaching responsibilities and preparation as future faculty seriously and to view teaching as a scholarly activity.


To this end, the program offers workshops and other activities that allow graduate students to meet the following objectives:

  • CU Boulder's graduate teachers interact with a community of scholars made up of faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and staff from their own and from other departments and campuses;
  • They learn to work with diverse populations in diverse postsecondary and other work environments;
  • They model and foster integrity and fairness; 
  • They expand advising, counseling, mentoring, and management skills;
  • They approach teaching, research, service, and professional development from an evidence-based perspective that assesses student learning;
  • They explore and learn to use effective learning technologies.

Certificate in College Teaching

The Graduate School of the University of Colorado Boulder considers the employment and training of graduate teachers to be a professional apprenticeship that shapes the professoriate of the future. To recognize and reward graduate teachers who devote time to improving their teaching, the Graduate School offers a Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) through the Graduate Teacher Program. Although such certificates are not officially recognized at the state or national level, more than 80 research institutions currently offer similar certificates at the graduate level. Graduate students report that they are an asset when pursuing employment in postsecondary institutions.