Megan Roosevelt

Dissertation: Political Freedoms and Productive Firms: Exporters and Their Effect on Trade Policy in Democracies and Autocracies Committee: David H. Bearce (Chair), Andy Baker, Sarah Wilson Sokhey, Adrian Shin, Jeronimo Carballo (CU department of economics) Major Field: International Relations, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2019 Assistant Prof. in International Studies and Political...

Steven Beard

Dissertation: Fighting, Bargaining, and War Termination: Examining How Battlefield Factors Affect When Negotiations Can End Interstate Wars Committee: Jarsolav Tir (Chair), Megan Shannon, Joshua Strayhorn, Aysegul Aydin, and Thomas Zeiler (Department of History at CU Boulder) Major Field: International Relations, Political Methodology Ph.D. 2019 Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Colorado...

Christina Ladam

Dissertation: Making Deliberation Work: Testing Theories of Deliberation. Committee: Anand Sokey (Chair), Jennifer Wolak, John Griffin, Tobias Hopp (Strategic Communication at CU Boulder), and Jeffrey Harden (University of Notre Dame) Major Field: American Politics, Political Methodology Ph.D. 2019 Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Nevada, Reno

Tim Passmore

Dissertation: Pacifying the Peacekeepers: How Contributing to U.N. Peacekeeping Operations Supports Democratic Consolidation. Committee: Megan Shannon (Chair), Jaroslav Tir, Carew Boulding, David Bearce, Benjamin Teitelbaum (Department of Music at CU Boulder) Major Field: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Methodology Ph.D. 2019 Assistant Professor in the Department of International Studies and...

Shawnna Mullenax

Dissertation: Are Good Intentions Enough? Public Attitudes, Gender Equality, & Women's Political Parties Committee: Carew Boulding (chair), Andy Baker, Lorraine Bayard de Volo, David Brown, and Stefani Mollborn Major Fields: Comparative Politics, International Relations, & Methods Ph.D. 2018 Director, Methodology and Analytics, People, Science, Business (PSB), Washington, D.C.

Seungbin Park

Dissertation: Another Pathway to Foreign Direct Investment: Diaspora Engagement Policy Committee: David Bearce (chair), Andy Baker, Adrian Shin, Moonhawk Kim, and Jinhyuk Kim Major Fields : International Relations, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2018 Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

Levente Szentkirályi

Dissertation: The Ethics of Precaution: Taking Responsibility for Uncertain Threats of Environmental Harm Committee : Benjamin Hale (Chair), David Mapel, J. Samuel Fitch, Krister Andersson, William Boyd Major Fields: Political Theory, International Relations, and Environmental Policy Ph.D. 2017 Assistant Teaching Professor, Leeds School of Business

Andrew Hart

Dissertation: Insulating for Investment: Regulatory Institutions and the Multinational Firm in Infrastructure Industries Committee : David Bearce (Chair), Andy Baker, Moonhawk Kim, Megan Shannon, Adrian Shin Major Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Methods Ph.D. 2017 Assistant Professor of Political Science, SUNY Geneseo.

Ryan Curtis Dawkins

Dissertation: Privatization and Local Democracy: The Causes of Privatized Service Delivery and its Consequences on Local Democratic Politics Committee: Jennifer Wolak (Chair), Kenneth Bickers, Sokhey, Harden Visiting Major fields: American Politics, Methods, and Public Policy Ph.D. 2017 Assistant Professor of Political Science, Carleton College

Alan Zarychta

Dissertation: It Takes More than a Village: Governance & Public Services in Developing Countries Committee: Krister Andersson (Chair), Anand Sokhey, Carew Boulding, Andy Baker, Jane Menken Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Chicago