Brendan Connell

Dissertation: The Western Advantage: Governments and Credit in the Age of Financialization Committee: David Bearce (Chair), Andy Baker, Clara Park, Adrian Shin, Thomas Zeiler (History) Major Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2022 Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lyon College

Kimberlee Chang

Dissertation: “They started to listen to us”: Addressing cultural change when introducing gender quotas in rural communities Committee: Krister Andersson (Chair), Carew Boulding, Andrew Philips, Robert Wyrod (Sociology), Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek (South Dakota State University) Major Fields: Public Policy, Methods Ph.D. 2022 Research Manager at Social Impact

Brett Bessen

Dissertation: Unbinding the Executive? Public Opinion and Presidential Accountability in Latin America Committee: Carew Boulding (Chair), Andy Baker, Andrew Philips, Jennifer Fitzgerald, and Paolo Moncagatta (Universidad San Francisco de Quito) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Political Theory Ph.D. 2022 Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Tecnológico de Monterrey

Ian Shapiro

Dissertation: The Public's Relationship With Political Misinformation Committee: Anand Sokhey (Chair), Jennifer Wolak, Jennifer Fitzgerald, John Griffin, Kyle Saunders, Colorado State University Major Fields: American Politics, Methods Ph.D. 2021 Postdoctoral Civic Engagement Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice

Samantha Moya

Dissertation: Education, Socialization, and Trade Policy: How the Economic Beliefs of Congress Members Influence Trade Openness in the United States Committee: David Bearce (Chair), Adrian Shin, Andy Baker, Srinivas C. Parinandi, Keith Maskus (Economics) Major Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2021 Adjunct Faculty, Denver MBA (Full Time), MBA Programs,...

Erkan Gunes

Dissertation: Policy Agendas and Financial Markets: An Aggregate Level Analysis of Stock Market Reactions to Issue Attention Dynamics Committee: Sarah Wilson Sokhey (Chair), Joseph Jupille, Andy Baker, Joshua Strayhorn, Asaf Bernstein (Business Administration) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Methods Ph.D. 2021 Postdoc in Social Data Science, Department of Political...

Dalton Dorr

Dissertation: Buying In: Labor Informality and Political Participation in Latin America Committee: Andy Baker (Chair), Carew Boulding, Adrian Shin, Josh Strayhorn, Jeronimo Carballo (Economics) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Methods Ph.D. 2021 Data Analyst - Homeless Services, City of Long Beach

Christina Boyes

Dissertation: Extractability: Human capital, technical capacity, and the strategic use of natural resources in intrastate conflict Committee: Jaroslav Tir (Chair), Megan Shannon, Aysegul Aydin, Srinivas C. Parinandi, Leilani Arthurs (Geology) Major Fields: International Politics, Public Policy, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2021 Assistant Professor in the Division of International Studies at CIDE...

Pavel Bacovsky

Dissertation: New Game Plus. The Effects of Videogaming on Sociopolitical Attitudes and Behavior Committee: Jennifer Fitzgerald (Chair), Alexandra Siegel, Anand Sokhey, Sarah Wilson Sokhey, Ethan Scheiner (University of California, Davis) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, American Politics, International Relations Ph.D. 2021 Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics, Bates College

Josalyn (Williams) Lamoureux

Dissertation: The Different Political Worlds of Women and Men Committee: Anand Sokhey (Chair), John Griffin, Tamar Malloy, Jennifer Wolak, Celeste Montoya (Women and Gender Studies) Major Fields: American Politics, Public Policy, Women’s Studies Ph.D. 2020 Policy Associate, National Conference of State Legislatures