The 8th Annual First-Year Graduate Student Poster Session was held on Monday, December 11th, 2017 on the second floor of the Ketchum Hall West Wing.

Based on faculty voting, this year’s award winners are:

1st place: Courtney Johnson 

2nd place: Stephanie Wise 

3rd place: Jacob Tomlinson 

Thanks and congratulations to all of our first-years for putting together some wonderful posters this year!

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Program of Posters

Owen Fite
"Comparing the Diversity of Social Networks: Questioning the Rural and Urban Divide"

Samuel Foredyce
"The Usage of Indiscriminate Violence in Civil Conflicts"

Matthew T. Harvey
"Income Inequality and Political Intolerance Towards Immigrants"

Courtney Johnson
"To Like or Not to Like: Social Media's Impact on Affective Polarization"

Bryan P. Kelley
"Party Identification and Perceptions of Religious Minorities"

Trenton Marlar
"Immigration Salience and Support for the Welfare State"

Maria Sajekaite
"Understanding Latin American Citizens' Trust in International Organizations"

Ken Stallman
"Examining Individual-Level Perceptions of War: Evidence from Fifty-Five Countries, 2010-2014"

Jacob Tomlinson
"Incumbency Advantage and Bill Sponsorship"

Stephanie Wise
"Generational Difference in Tolerance for Protest Speech"