The 7th Annual First-Year Graduate Student Poster Session was held on Thursday, December 8th, 2016 on the second floor of the Ketchum Hall West Wing.

Based on faculty voting, this year’s award winners are:

1st place: Brendan Connell

2nd place: Hannah Paul

3rd place: Adam Cronk

Thanks and congratulations to all of our first-years for putting together some wonderful posters this year!

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Program of Posters

Brett Bessen
“Conscientious Nativism: Personality and Attitudes toward Immigration”

Christina Boyes
“Soft Laws, Polity, and Water-Related Conflict: Towards an Understanding of Potential Linkages”

Kimberlee Chang
“Hidden Conflicts: Decentralization, Inequality and Variations of Political Violence”

Brendan Connell
“How Political Context Affects Bank Behavior in OECD Countries”

Adam Cronk
“Securing Victory: Military Success and Post-War Stability”

Kimberly Killen
“The Danger Within: Patriotism, Nationalism and Political Tolerance”

Adriana Molina
“Does Civic Engagement Condition Responses to Pro-Poor Programs? Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial”

Hannah Paul
“Where do you belong? An Examination of the Role of Identity on Political Participation”

Matthew Yarbrough
“When Women Gather: Post-Conflict Urbanization and the Female Experience”