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Murder Rates Highest in Countries that Lack Due Process

July 17, 2018

Governments that do the best job protecting the rights of the accused have the lowest murder rates, while those that neglect due process have the highest, according to a five-year study of 89 countries by CU Boulder political scientists. The research, published this month in Political Research Quarterly, comes as...


Land occupations and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

Brown DS, Brown JC, Brown C. LAND USE POLICY . 54 (July 01, 2016): 331-338. Abstract Researchers are increasingly interested in understanding the impact of contentious social processes on land change. In the Brazilian Amazon, there are often contentious interactions between landholders defending private property rights and squatters who have...

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Meet David Brown

Sept. 6, 2016

Chair, Department of Political Science...and Broncos Quarterback? What do you need to know about CU’s political science chair? Ask him yourself, and you may get an answer like this: “I’ve got something in common with Peyton Manning.” David Brown, who works as both the political science department chair and a...