Shawnna Mullenax

Dissertation: Are Good Intentions Enough? Public Attitudes, Gender Equality, & Women's Political Parties Committee: Carew Boulding (chair), Andy Baker, Lorraine Bayard de Volo, David Brown, and Stefani Mollborn Major Fields: Comparative Politics, International Relations, & Methods Ph.D. 2018 Director, Methodology and Analytics, People, Science, Business (PSB), Washington, D.C.

Seungbin Park

Dissertation: Another Pathway to Foreign Direct Investment: Diaspora Engagement Policy Committee: David Bearce (chair), Andy Baker, Adrian Shin, Moonhawk Kim, and Jinhyuk Kim Major Fields : International Relations, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2018 Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

Andrew Hart

Dissertation: Insulating for Investment: Regulatory Institutions and the Multinational Firm in Infrastructure Industries Committee : David Bearce (Chair), Andy Baker, Moonhawk Kim, Megan Shannon, Adrian Shin Major Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Methods Ph.D. 2017 Assistant Professor of Political Science, SUNY Geneseo.

Alan Zarychta

Dissertation: It Takes More than a Village: Governance & Public Services in Developing Countries Committee: Krister Andersson (Chair), Anand Sokhey, Carew Boulding, Andy Baker, Jane Menken Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Elise Pizzi

Dissertation: Drinking Water Provistion in Rural Chine Committee: Andy Baker (Chair), Tim Weston, Amy Liu, Krister Andersson, David Brown Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Jami Nelson-Nunez

Dissertation: Citizens, Government, and NGOs: Is Three a Crowd? Committee: Carew Boulding (Chair), David S. Brown, Krister Andersson, Andy Baker, and Karl Linden Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Methods Ph.D. 2015 Associate Professor, The University of New Mexico

Raymond Foxworth

Dissertation: Committee: Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Methods, American Politics Ph.D. 2015 Program Director, Henry Luce Foundation Inc.

David Cupery

Dissertation: Buying Goodwill with Economic Exchange? Latin American Public Opinion and Elite Rhetoric toward the United States and China Committee: Andy Baker (Chair); Amy Liu; David Bearce; Carew Boulding Major Fields: Comparative Politics, International Relations Ph.D. 2015 Associate Professor, History & Political Science, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Stefan Wojcik

Dissertation: Networks and Legislative Politics in Brazil: Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Political Networks for Parties and Legislators Committee: Andy Baker (Chair), Anand Sokhey, David Brown, Lucio Renno, Carew Boulding Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2014 Principal Data Scientist, National Grid Renewables

Johannes Karreth

Dissertation: Costs and Commitment: The Leverage of International Institutions in Conflicts between States Committee: Jaroslav Tir (Chair), David Bearce, Moonhawk Kim, Joseph Jupille, Ryan Bakker Major Fields: International Relations, Methodology, and Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2014 Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations, Ursinus College