Chair's Welcome

Feb. 15, 2023

By Andy Baker Welcome to our Winter 2023 newsletter. I’m happy to report that we are well on the way to completing a rather normal academic year—for the first time since 2018/19! Our lecture halls are teeming with students, speculation and fear about the next pandemic surge have faded, and...

Andy Baker

Does Democratization Lower Consumer Prices? Regime Type, Prices, and the Consumer–Producer Tradeoff.

June 17, 2020

Andy Baker, University of Colorado Boulder & Stefan Wojcik, Data Scientist, USA Published: 2019 Abstract: The booming literature on the consequences of democratization for material welfare has produced no findings on the relationship between regime type and relative consumer prices. The literature largely shows that democracies favor masses over elites,...


Nonpartisans as False Negatives: The Mismeasurement of Party Identification in Public Opinion Surveys

July 9, 2019

Andy Baker, University of Colorado Boulder; Lucio Renno, University of Brasília Published: May 21, 2019 Abstract: We argue that most survey measures of partisanship are misclassifying many respondents as nonpartisans. Common wordings, especially those in major cross-national surveys, violate well-established best practices in questionnaire design by reading aloud a nonpartisanship...

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2017 International Political Economy Society Conference

Nov. 28, 2017

Several CU Boulder Political Science faculty and grad students attended the 2017 IPES Conference last week to present their most recent research. CU representatives included CU faculty Andy Baker , David Bearce , and Adrian Shin . The International Political Economy Society (IPES) “provides an annual forum for scholars of...

Joby Schaffer

LAPOP 2017 Inaugural Seligson Prize Winner

May 25, 2017

Graduate Student in Political Science The Department of Political Science would like to congratulate Ph.D candidate Joby Schaffer on receiving the 2017 Inaugural Seligson Prize from Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP). Both Schaffer and his co-author Andy Baker, an Associate Professor at CU, received high praise for their publication...


Ethnopolitical demography and democracy in sub-Saharan Africa.

Baker A, Scarritt JR, Mozaffar S. DEMOCRATIZATION . 23 (5) (August 01, 2016): 838-861. Abstract : Ethnic fragmentation is largely presumed to be bad for democracy. However, many African countries belie this claim, as democracy has recently sprouted in several of its multiethnic states. We argue that African countries that...


The Dynamics of Partisan Identification When Party Brands Change: The Case of the Workers Party in Brazil.

Baker A, Ames B, Sokhey AE, Renno LR. JOURNAL OF POLITICS . 78 (1) (January 01, 2016): 197-213. Abstract: What happens to partisanship when a party undergoes rapid and visible elite-led changes that dilute its traditional brand? We address scholarly debates on the stability of mass partisanship by analyzing the...


Scholars eye freedom in reverse

March 2, 2017

CU Boulder researchers win USAID grant to examine backpedaling democracies President John F. Kennedy signed the Foreign Assistance Act in 1961, for the first time separating federal budgets for defense and non-defense spending and creating the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID. “The amount of money that is involved...

andy baker at park

Meet Andy Baker

Nov. 4, 2016

Associate Professor, Director of the Program on International Development When it comes to textbooks, Andy Baker is one professor who’s been on both sides of the coin. Not only has he taught from different textbooks throughout his career, he’s also written his own textbook, Shaping the Developing World, which was...