Published: March 21, 2024
The State of the First Amendment: Free Speech



The Keller Center has organized an upcoming presentation and discussion of potential interest to PSCI students, faculty and staff. Mike McDevitt (from CU Journalism) and Scott Skinner-Thompson (CU Law) will present the first of a planned semesterly series of "State of the First Amendment" events on the five 1A freedoms, starting with free speech. Expect discussion not only of current cases and controversies in First Amendment law and jurisprudence but also of broader free speech issues in their social and political dimensions, including campus issues involving limits on or threats to political speech and academic freedom.


The event will be held in UMC 382-84-86 on Wednesday, April 3, with doors opening at 3 pm and the presentation starting at 3:15 (ending at 4:45, reserving the last 30 minutes for Q&A and discussion). Refreshments will be available. The event is open to all within the CU community (including alums) with no requirement for prior registration. Please share this announcement with your students - I've attached a .jpg of our promotional poster to facilitate sharing through lecture slides.