Published: Jan. 25, 2022

Congratulations are due to Dania Arayssi, for her receipt of the Figueroa Family Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded to Dania in recognition of her commitment to the achievement of a diverse student body and her work in improving the state of our world and its people. In offering this award, the Graduate School expresses their admiration for the impact she has made and will continue to make in the community – both at CU and beyond.

Dania will use these fellowship funds to support the Gleam of Hope organization in Lebanon, particularly their skills-building program for women and girls from disadvantaged communities and those impacted by the current humanitarian and economic crisis in Lebanon. She is committed to advancing women’s rights, human rights, inclusivity, and diversity to overcome discrimination and injustice and reduce tension in our communities through her research, teaching, and civic engagement activities.

For more information on the Gleam of Hope organization in Lebanon, please see: