Published: May 19, 2020
PSCI 2004 Summer Course Flyer

Modern Political Ideologies
Summer Term B 12:45 pm-2:20 pm MST*
Instructor: Kimberly Killen

In Modern Political Ideologies, we will interrogate what we know about liberalism, socialism, conservatism, fascism, and anarchism. From John Locke to Karl Marx, feminism to #BlackLives Matter, we will engage in close readings and in-depth discussion to critically think about political ideologies and how they manifest in the present political moment. The aim of this course is to give students the skills necessary to recognize and articulate their own ideological worldview as well as understand why people are attracted to other ideologies and to what effect.

 *This course will be taught synchronously, which means classes will be held virtually during the days and times listed. However, class sessions will be recorded, so that students who cannot attend the scheduled class time can still participate in the course.