Published: March 31, 2020
Summertime in Boulder

Summer 2020 Term A 6/1/20–7/2/20

All Term A classes will be offered remotely. 

PSCI 1101: Intro to American Politics  
Emphasizes interrelations among levels and branches of government, formal and informal institutions, processes, and behavior.  
Instructor: Anand Sokhey

PSCI 3021: US Campaigns & Elections
Introduces students to the subjects, techniques, and findings of Political Science research on campaigns and elections. Particular emphasis is placed on the study of voting, campaign effects, partisan coalitions, electoral rules, campaign finance, and the policy impact of elections.
Instructor: Kenneth Bickers

PSCI 4221: Political Psychology  
Examines the psychological foundations of political decision-making among citizens and elites. Considers the role of political psychology in explaining political behavior and outcomes at the individual and collective level. 
Instructor: Pavel Bacovsky

PSCI 2012: Intro to Comparative Politics   
Most countries confront a variety of common political problems, including how to gain popular support, what kinds of political institutions are most appropriate, and how to distribute burdens and benefits to different segments of the population. Concentrates on learning how to compare different political systems and provides illustrative examples from several countries in both the industrialized and nonindustrialized world.
Instructor: Sarah Sokhey

PSCI 4012: Global Development 
Analyzes development theory, case studies in development strategies, and the problems and promises of development: specifically issues of gender, environment, labor, corruption and poverty. The primary focus is on explanations for variation in level of development over time and across countries. 
Instructor: Trenton Marlar

PSCI 4792: Issues in Latin American Politics  
Studies several Latin American countries in some depth including history and contemporary politics. Teaches students to listen to and evaluate different sides of political controversies, and critically evaluate arguments.
Instructor: Brett Bessen

PSCI 2223: Intro to International Relations  
Introduces the field of international relations, with general survey of the theories, histories, and problems of historical and contemporary relations among state and nonstate actors.
Instructor: Sarah Hunter

PSCI 3163: American Foreign Policy  
Examines foundations, assumptions, objectives, dynamics, and methods of U.S. foreign policy since WWII. Gives special attention to domestic and external problems of adapting U.S. policy to the changing world environment.
Instructor: Anna Gray

PSCI 4213: Europe and the International System  
Covers the past, present and future of Europe's global role.
Instructor: Christopher Jorde

PSCI 3206: Environmental Public Policy
Considers constitutional, political, and geographic factors in the development of public policy affecting the use of natural resources and management of the environment; organization, procedures, and programs for use of natural resources; and administration of environmental policies.
Instructor: Nancy Billica