Erin Huebert

Oct. 9, 2019


Nonpartisans as False Negatives: The Mismeasurement of Party Identification in Public Opinion Surveys

July 9, 2019

Andy Baker, University of Colorado Boulder; Lucio Renno, University of Brasília Published: May 21, 2019 Abstract: We argue that most survey measures of partisanship are misclassifying many respondents as nonpartisans. Common wordings, especially those in major cross-national surveys, violate well-established best practices in questionnaire design by reading aloud a nonpartisanship...


Immigration and Right-Wing Populism: An Origin Story

June 21, 2019

Shehaj, A., Shin, A. J., & Inglehart, R. (2019). Immigration and right-wing populism: An origin story. Party Politics . Published: 17 May 2019 Abstract: Previous studies of right-wing populist (RWP) parties primarily investigate how domestic factors as well as external forces, such as immigration, incite the emergence and electoral...


Primary Resources, Secondary Labor: Natural Resources and Immigration Policy

June 21, 2019

Shin, Adrian International Studies Quarterly , sqz033, Published: 17 June 2019 Abstract: This article argues that substantial natural resource wealth leads to more restrictive low-skill immigration policy in advanced democracies. High-value natural resource production often crowds out labor-intensive firms that produce tradable goods. When these proimmigration business interests disappear...

Nathan Cook

June 17, 2019

Major Field : Public Policy Minor Field: Dissertation : When Do Disadvantaged Groups Participate in the Decentralized Governance of Natural Resources and Public Services? Evidence from India, Nepal, and the Global South” Committee: Krister Andersson (Chair), Ken Bickers, Carew Boulding, Peter Newton (Environmental Studies Program), and Alex Pfaff (Professor in...

Stefani Langehenning

June 17, 2019

Major Field: American Politics and Quantitative Methods Minor Field: Political Methodology Teaching Interests: Legislative Institutions, Policymaking, Congress, Executive Branch Politics, Political Methodology Dissertation: "In it to Win it: Creating the Federal Budget in an Era of Regular Disorder" Committee: Scott Adler (Chair), Ken Bickers, John Griffin, Anand Sokhey, and Peter...

Joseph Zamadics

June 17, 2019

Major Field: American Politics Minor Field : Methodology Teaching Interests: Parties and Interest Groups, Congress, the Presidency, Statistics Dissertation: “Issue Salience and Lawmaking: How Regional Salience Influences Bargaining.” Committee : Scott Adler (Chair), Srinivas Parinandi, Jennifer Wolak, Joshua Strayhorn, and Brian Keegan (College of Media, Communication and Information at CU...

Megan Roosevelt

June 17, 2019

Major Field: International Relations, Minor Field : Comparative Politics Dissertation: "Political Freedoms and Productive Firms: Exporters and Their Effect on Trade Policy in Democracies and Autocracies" Committee: David H. Bearce (Chair), Andy Baker, Sarah Wilson Sokhey, Adrian Shin, Jeronimo Carballo (CU department of economics) Visiting Assistant Professor, Montana State University

Steven Beard

June 17, 2019

Major Field: International Relations Minor Field : Methodology Dissertation: “Fighting, Bargaining, and War Termination: Examining How Battlefield Factors Affect When Negotiations Can End Interstate Wars" Committee: Jarsolav Tir (Chair), Megan Shannon, Joshua Strayhorn, Aysegul Aydin, and Thomas Zeiler (Department of History at CU Boulder) Post-Doc, Center for Peace and Security...

Christina Ladam

March 11, 2019

Major Field: American Politics Minor Field: Political Methodology Dissertation: “Making Deliberation Work: Testing Theories of Deliberation.” Committee: Anand Sokey (Chair), Jennifer Wolak, John Griffin, Tobias Hopp (Strategic Communication at CU Boulder), and Jeffrey Harden (University of Notre Dame) Assistant Professor at University of Nevada, Reno , starting in Fall 2019