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Carol AwardThe annual Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award is presented to CU Boulder staff in recognition of and appreciation for exceptional job performance and remarkable contributions to the campus community. Recipients of this distinguished award join a rich heritage of past awardees who display outstanding performance, inspired leadership, extraordinary service to the campus and community and exceptional interpersonal skills. Our very own Carol Bender was honored with this award at a private reception with the Chancellor. 

"Bender is the department administrator in the Department of Political Science. She provides support through office administration, budget oversight, undergraduate curriculum development and graduate student administration. The priority she gives to supporting campus initiatives and her ability to enhance the undergraduate experience makes her highly regarded by department leaders and colleagues. 

Bender is recognized for her ability to carefully scrutinize department expenditures and identify several areas of cost savings, but it is her leadership on infrastructure projects during a department renovation that is consistently called out. 

She led several projects during a department renovation including the creation of a new tech cart funded by an ASSETT grant proposal she wrote, enabling guest lecturers and colleagues to participate in classes and meetings using low-cost off-the-shelf software and technologies. During the renovation of Ketchum, Bender also spearheaded the huge undertaking of the department’s move to Fleming and back to Ketchum.

Bender is described as an ethical steward of university resources with a tremendous commitment to the success of the department." Read More

Congratulations Carol!