Published: May 10, 2017

Congratulations to Louis Vazquez on winning the PSCI Van Ek Award. Here is a little bit of information on this award winning student!


As a political science major, I have a passion for the mechanisms that shape the world we live in. I have devoted my time and efforts to alleviating the injustices of our broken system and believe in the power of change. Humans are capable and powerful beings, and feats of change are fully within our grasp. I hope to eventually harness this power and guide the people of the world towards a more meaningful way of living in which those who lead nurture and protect their nations and the environment. I have already begun this journey through my studies at CU and around the world. Law school is my next step and I later hope to enter congress and possibly obtain the highest seat in the state. The world needs game changers. I intend to be one.