United Nations peacekeeping dynamics and the duration of post-civil conflict peace.

Hultman L, Kathman JD, Shannon M. Conflict Management and Peace Science . 33 (3) (July 01, 2016): 231-249. Abstract: How do the qualities of United Nations peacekeeping operations (PKOs) influence the duration of peace after civil wars? Recent work shows that UN peacekeeping extends the duration of peace. However, this...


Land occupations and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

Brown DS, Brown JC, Brown C. LAND USE POLICY . 54 (July 01, 2016): 331-338. Abstract Researchers are increasingly interested in understanding the impact of contentious social processes on land change. In the Brazilian Amazon, there are often contentious interactions between landholders defending private property rights and squatters who have...


Does Institutional Design Matter? A Study of Trade Effectiveness and PTA Flexibility/Rigidity.

Bearce DH, Eldredge CD, Jolliff BJ. INTERNATIONAL STUDIES QUARTERLY . 60 (2) (June 01, 2016): 307-316. Abstract: This article examines the trade effect of flexibility design features within preferential trading arrangements (PTAs). Using a gravity model of bilateral trade that incorporates multilateral trade resistance, we report three main results. First,...


Ethnopolitical demography and democracy in sub-Saharan Africa.

Baker A, Scarritt JR, Mozaffar S. DEMOCRATIZATION . 23 (5) (August 01, 2016): 838-861. Abstract : Ethnic fragmentation is largely presumed to be bad for democracy. However, many African countries belie this claim, as democracy has recently sprouted in several of its multiethnic states. We argue that African countries that...


The Dynamics of Partisan Identification When Party Brands Change: The Case of the Workers Party in Brazil.

Baker A, Ames B, Sokhey AE, Renno LR. JOURNAL OF POLITICS . 78 (1) (January 01, 2016): 197-213. Abstract: What happens to partisanship when a party undergoes rapid and visible elite-led changes that dilute its traditional brand? We address scholarly debates on the stability of mass partisanship by analyzing the...


Decentralization can help reduce deforestation when user groups engage with local government.

Wright GD, Andersson KP, Gibson CC, Evans TP. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . 113 (52) (December 27, 2016): 14958-14963. Abstract: Policy makers around the world tout decentralization as an effective tool in the governance of natural resources. Despite the popularity of...


More Trees, More Poverty? The Socioeconomic Effects of Tree Plantations in Chile, 2001–2011

Andersson K, Lawrence D, Zavaleta J, Guariguata MR. Environmental Management . 57 (1) (January 2016): 123-136. Abstract: Tree plantations play a controversial role in many nations’ efforts to balance goals for economic development, ecological conservation, and social justice. This paper seeks to contribute to this debate by analyzing the socioeconomic...

Alan Zarychta

Dissertation: It Takes More than a Village: Governance & Public Services in Developing Countries Committee: Krister Andersson (Chair), Anand Sokhey, Carew Boulding, Andy Baker, Jane Menken Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Kim-Lee Tuxhorn

Dissertation: Advanced Search than Others?: An Explanation for PTA Bargaining Delay Committee: David Bearce (Chair), Amy Liu, Megan Shannon, Moonhawk Kim, Andy Baker Major Fields: International Relations Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Elise Pizzi

Dissertation: Drinking Water Provistion in Rural Chine Committee: Andy Baker (Chair), Tim Weston, Amy Liu, Krister Andersson, David Brown Major Fields: Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, University of Iowa