CUPD provides two dashboards for the public to review and access data. Please click on the link to each dashboard to access the data. In the upper right corner of each map, there is helpful information including a video on how to use the dashboards, and a link to campus safety tips and information. Additionally, the links to Boulder Police Department's corresponding dashboards are also available in the upper right corner. At the bottom, there are different tabs to view more temporal and spatial details as well as glossaries for call and incident types.  

Call for Service dashboard

Police Incidents dashboard 

How-To Guide for both dashboards

If you would like more information on a specific incident, please contact CUPD Records.Please note that additional information may not be available for cases that are being actively investigated.  

Note to Media: Information may be updated as police investigate. Call types listed should reflect the final call type after an officer responds, not necessarily how the information was first received. If a call for service results in the creation of an incident report and an investigation, the final call type may not reflect the incident type. Media should verify all information through CUPD’s public information officer or by requesting a report prior to sharing the information. Email

The information provided in the dashboards differ from the daily crime log which is available on the Clery info page. The police incident dashboard does not include CSA disclosures.