PER Central This site is a comPADRE collection designed specifically to serve as an informational touchpoint and online community for "producers" and "consumers" of physics education research (PER). Here you will find links to articles and dissertations, research groups, PER-based curricular materials, news and events, and many other things of interest to our community. Everyone is encouraged to register and participate in the growth of the site-the more visitors we have coming through and providing thoughts, opinions, and further content, the more valuable this site will become!  A site from the AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) with teaching materials and lots of research-based assessment tools (like the Force concept inventory, but many more!) Highly recommended.

Teaching and Learning Physics (200 Meg, zipped folder containing many course materials) Upper division/graduate course. Materials developed by Noah Finkelstein, with some supplements from Steven Pollock. The folder contains many references and materials from other authors.

Learning About STEM Student Outcomes (LASSO)

PERCoGS  The PER Consortium of Graduate Students represents PER graduate students at large in the field of PER.  

Getting started in PER? Here are some papers to read, and some good resources to check out.