NOTE: This page is archived. It is no longer being maintained or updated and information may not be accurate or complete.

Some Education Research Groups:

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list! Many of the sites below have much more up-to-date lists of PER groups. Below are just a few with which/whom we have personal connections here at CU.

Iowa State :: They have a nice (and probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date) set of links to other PER groups there, too.

University of Maryland :: Lots of useful pages, including most of their publications, "challenge problems", Maryland Physics Expectations Survey, etc. ) They have a number of more detailed "lists of links" than we could possibly provide here, see for example their list of PER homepages, curriculum materials, and online papers.

University of Minnesota :: Their main focus is on Context Rich Problems and Collaborative Learning.

University of Washington :: They started this game, with research into student mis/preconceptions. The source of the recitation "tutorial" method.

PER Central :: Hosts a collection of resrouces and information for physics education research nation-wide.

Mazur's Group (Harvard) :: Project Galileo: Concept tests, large lecture techniques, and more. Here is the link to construct a web page using Mazur's Interactive Learning Tookit"

North Carolina State :: SCALE-UP, the modified introductory classroom approach at UNC (Bob Beichner's group).

And more: e.g. Arizona State University.

Other Education Pages:

Richard Hake's research in physics education page (with many useful links and references)

Collaborative Learning :: Detailed instructions specifically targeted to forming and using groups in classrooms.

Classroom Assessment :: Detailed instructions regarding a variety of different tools to use in the classroom. A great place to learn about a variety of novel classroom techniques!

SALG :: This is the place to set up a survey of student opinions regarding your teaching methods. It's a nice tool, quick and easy to set up for you and for your students.

TextRev :: Similar to SALG but even quicker and simpler, this site is dedicated purely to setting you up with a student survey regarding your textbook.

Do you know of a useful link our colleagues might be interested in? Let me know and I'll add it in.