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CU' (pronounced "See-Yew Prime"): A student-driven effort led by grad students in the Physics Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our goal is to increase inclusion in Physics/STEM fields, especially among traditionally underrepresented groups, through mentorship and community building.

Integrating STEM Education: Establishing CU as a national hub for science, technology, engineering and math educaiton.

STEM-Colorado Group -- a coalition of researchers in applied math, astrophysics and planetary sciences, molecular cellular and developmental biology, physics and chemistry.

The Colorado Science Education Initiative -- a program designed to incorporate the findings and practices of education research in the sciences to improve undergraduate science education at CU.

LEAP Advance Grant -- a program to increase the representation of women in the sciences.

The Learning Assistant Model -- Colorado's nationally replicated model for science and math teacher recruitment and preparation, also transforms large enrollment courses

The Colorado Science Discovery Center -- The Science Discovery, established in 1983, is an experience-based educational outreach program of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Teaching and Learning Physics-- A class taught at CU Boulderfor students interested in STEM education, PER research and teaching physics.